Jeff Cleghorn

406 Wrasling Way Bonaire, Georgia  31005
(478) 396-8139

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As a faith-based ministry, Jeff relies on the financial support of God’s people for his ministry and personal needs. 

The information provided below is not intended as a list of “requirements,” but simply as a guide to assist you in supporting these needs. Should you have any questions or concerns related to remuneration or expense reimbursement, please contact us. Above all, know that Jeff’s desire is to be used of the Lord to minister to you and your congregation. Ultimately, Jeff trusts you to be sensitive to his financial needs while knowing that, as he serves the Lord in this ministry, his needs will be met.


Cleghorn Music Ministries uses the time-honored method of the love offering. This ministry will go to any church that senses the Lord’s leadership to book Jeff, regardless of size. His schedule is arranged on a first-come, first served basis, and no meeting will be cancelled to accept another. Jeff asks that the pastor or group leader take the lead in sharing the financial needs of this ministry with the congregation. Jeff lives by faith, as the Lord opens doors, and the love offering is his financial support. As a rule, Jeff will not personally talk about the love offering during his concerts or events. His prayer is that you will lead your people to see their giving as an investment in the Kingdom of God that will allow Jeff to continue to share the Good News when called upon. Experience has shown that a love offering, received in all services, will provide ample opportunity for all to give as the Lord may lead. Unless other arrangements have been made, checks should be made payable to your church and all offerings disbursed to Cleghorn Music Ministries, Inc. (C.M.M.I.) in one check from the church. All checks should be made payable to C.M.M.I.


Expenses incurred during Jeff’s time with your church/organization should be handled separately from the love offering. This allows Jeff to apply the love offering directly to the operating budget of the ministry.  Normal expenses include travel, lodging (when needed), and meals. Listed below is a description of each of these:

Travel: Mileage reimbursement, calculated at the current IRS rate (58 cents per mile in 2019) should be paid for round-trip mileage logged for your ministry event.

Lodging: In the event that an overnight stay is required for your event, accommodations will be necessary. Because of severe allergies, under most circumstances, Jeff prefers NOT to stay in private homes. If hotel accommodations are not easily accessible, Jeff is able to travel by private coach and can stay on the bus. For overnight dates that Jeff travels to by bus, it is appreciated if the sponsoring organization can add $100 per night to the travel expense reimbursement. This is the approximate cost of most hotel rooms, and will assist the ministry with the extra expense incurred when driving the bus.

Meals: Reimbursement for meals not eaten with a member of the sponsoring organization is always appreciated. Receipts will be provided upon request.


If appropriate, Jeff would like to set-up a product table in a high-traffic area, readily accessible to the congregation. The product table will include music CDs by Jeff and by his family as well as brochures, newsletters, and other items directly related to Cleghorn Music Ministries. Jeff understands that some churches do not allow product sales, and he fully respects this position. If there is objection to the product sales, please inform Jeff of this upon his arrival at your event.